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Heavy Duty Folding Stool for Growing Kids

There are certain place in the house that children are not allowed and things that shouldn’t be in the kids hand. Kids always kids and their curiosity usually get them in trouble. So, as parent we are the responsible adult to keep dangerous item out of reach for our children’s safety. However, if we want […]

Elegant Coffee Brewing with Minos Moka Pot Espresso Maker

Coffee is part of everyone’s daily life. Our day usually begins with a cup of coffee before heading to work or getting ready for the day’s chores and errands. Sometimes, coffee can release stress or anxiety, keeping you awake during the busy times, but too much of everything can also be risky. Anyway, however you […]

RFID Leather Wallet & Card Holder Gift Set

Buying for a things that is important to us takes time and sometimes it can be overwhelming. The things we owned and used usually represent our personality and character. Sometimes, it defines one’s personality. Some of use prefers buying the brand they know and trust, while other look for quality and durability. I’m both, I […]

Men’s Leather Band Watch Review

When we think about gifts for our man, watch and wallet always come first then some tool box perhaps and if you have more money to spare then luxury car or jewelry. However, not all men are into jewelry, perfumes and fashionable clothes. They have simple needs yet essential for them thus watche and wallet […]

Little Girls Cat Print Long Sleeve Jacket Coat #jxstarkid

Spruce up you fall fashion and perhaps include this cute cat print long sleeve jacket to your daughter’s everyday outfit. It is Autumn season, and the color and design of this coat definitely match the season. I have given the opportunity to try this cute and fashionable Little Girls Cat Print Long Sleeve Jacket Coat […]

Mini USB Port Type C Multi Charger Cable

Lots of people now from different walk of life have owned multiple devices and gadget. It can be bulky when you carry your laptop, iphones, ipods, tablet and ipad when you travel for a business trip or when you go to school. The different chargers that you have to bring with your just in case […]

#TrashPod Launch review

How do you keep your car clean? Does the no eating rule applied to the children when they are in the car for half an hour? No it doesn’t, even adult violates their own rules of no eating. When we had our no car, my husband was like a hawk keeping an eye of the […]

Fruit Slicer Set of 5 Review

Buy it on for less that $20 + free shipping with prime membership How’s life treating you all so far? It’s been raining, chilly and a bit messy in our end. Game got cancelled due to messy field which is kind of good because my son and husband able to take a well rested […]