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#Mycokerewards | Barq’s Cap

I’ve been active in mycokerewards since 2010 I think until now. Husband and I are both coke addict. I collected the codes in every 12 cans of coke we buy then I entered all of them at once. I redeemed some of my points last December when they offered a double points sort of. I […]

#Kellogg’s Family Rewards™

Kellogg’s Family Rewards™ – Enter codes. Collect points. Earn rewards. It’s easy! What brand of cereals does your family eat? Well if #Kellogg’s brand is part of your breakfast meal then don’t waste the box. Get the code found at the box and start collecting points. Honestly it’s kind of daunting collecting all those points […]

2014 Winning Prize {1st}

Start the year with a fragrant! It came on the mail the other day. Thanks bayot {dhemz} for hosting the giveaway. This is my first winning prize this year 2014, well not technically because the giveaway was last year however I still consider it as my year’s blogging luck. When I was assigned in the […]

Online Perks & Freebie #mycokereward

I’ve been collecting codes for mycokerewards and redeemed it with cool stuffs. I guess I would consider this online perks and freebie as I did not spend a buck for this. Husband and I are both coke drinker and this stuff are rewards for drinking coke ha ha. Anyway, this was my third coke products […]

Online Freebie & Reward #2 {MyCokeRewards}

Binocular! This is the second time I redeemed my points at My Coke Rewards. Actually, I redeemed my points with the magnetic chess for 600 points I think then they mistakenly sent me this binocular which has more points than the chess board. Lucky me and definitely a keeper. Although I don’t use this but […]

Online Freebie #1 {MyCokeRewards}

I am organizing the rewards, freebies, and other cool stuffs that I received online. This is to showcase all these cool stuff and share to my readers that there are plenty of amazing items you get online. This Coca Cola American Idol Cup were the first item I able to redeemed at Mycokerewards. If you […]

Online Freebie and Rewards

Free is my nickname, if it’s free then that is me. Ha ha. Like we always say, who doesn’t like freebie anyway? I tried to remember the very first item I received online for free. I have enjoyed and benefited a lot of stuffs online. It’s exciting to received some free stuffs or reward even […]