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My son love building blocks, legos and puzzle. Me too I enjoy building puzzle, as a matter of fact i have a few puzzles that i finished and i already glued because i am planning of framing it. Anyway, I received a couple of baby toys and Puzzle Size13″x39″ from It was a 1000pc MLB Panoramic Stadiums puzzle, and the picture above is the finished product. It’s not framed yet but hopefully it will be soon. Thank to my son who was so quick in finding the pieces and able to finished the puzzle in no time. This MasterPieces NFL 1000pc 13″ x 39″ Panoramic Pittsburgh Steelers Puzzle features the view of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Heinz Field with such incredible detail that it’s common for you to find yourself as part of the photograph. This puzzle is proudly made in the USA. To reduce its impact on our environment, the chipboard used in this puzzle is made of recycled material.

MasterPieces Puzzle Company was founded in 1995 by David Rolls – the President. With a passion to serve diverse retail markets and partner with evergreen brands and top puzzle artists. Twenty years later, MasterPieces has established itself as the market leader for combining the best quality products with the best value. It originated out of the specialty toy business, MasterPieces reputation for producing innovative and high-quality products has propelled our growth over the years, while a commitment to ensuring great value and superior customer support has earned your loyalty. took me too long to get the puzzle started because i was busy over the holiday.

As for the toys, Pittsburgh Steelers Push & Pull Toy and Pittsburgh Steelers Rattles which are made of wood.
This Pittsburgh Steelers Push & Pull toy has bright team colors and is designed with extended playability. It is made to last as baby grows, develops, and learns. Baby friendly products help your little fan grow healthy and happy. Growth & Development toys assist gross motor skills, movement & motion, and creative play. Help baby develop gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Learns to sit up and builds strong new muscles to push the toy. As baby begins to walk, learns to pull the toy by the attached cotton string. Wood wheels roll smoothly following baby. Develops powers of imagination to have fun during self-directed creative play. This real wood toy with Pull String is 100% Baby Safe made with real wood, non-toxic colors & finishes, and free of BPA, phthalates, & formaldehyde.

Pittsburgh Steelers Rattles

This set of two NFL rattles of the Pittsburgh Steelers is designed to make it easy for small baby hands to play with. Baby-friendly products help your little Steelers fan grow healthy and happy. Growth & Development toys offer Co-Play Fun, Tactile Play, and Sensorimotor Skills. Show baby how to shake the rattles to make noise. Your smile encourages baby to keep playing as you teach them new skills. Help baby develop grasping and fine motor skills. Knobs, handles, and rings offer various shapes for baby to explore. Baby discovers cause-and-effect of movement making sound. Rings shake against each other to create rattle sounds. Real wood rattles are 100% Baby Safe made with real wood, non-toxic colors & finishes, and free of BPA, phthalates, & formaldehyde.


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