First Time Baby Sitting

I have never baby sit before, like literally baby or toddler. There was a time an acquaintance left her kid after school and during summer break but that wasn’t a baby. It was an 8 year old kids which is already big and a good kid. The baby sitting went well until one of my kid (7yr old daughter) got upset and frustrated with the game she played and start complaining and accidentally use the word S****d. A two year old toddler likes to copy and mimic anything they heard from someone they look up to. It could be a gibberish talk which I am not so sure if it was the word he heard from the lil girl, but i thought it sounded like one. I The word was three syllables so i probably heard it wrong. I’d like to baby sit again but nut until i corrected my own children’s bad languages that they learned from TV. A two year old might not remember that word because he/she is young, however that baby sitting experience taught me a thing or two about watching other people’s children. It is different when you watch after your own kid and watching other people’s kid. It seems like you have to be extra careful and attentive with other people’s kid. With my own children, I watched them everyday and all the time so i know what they like and not like, their personality and all.


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