Scott Jones, Ace Parking Going Green

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Most people live in this country drive a car or any vehicle in going to work.  They pay for the parking space at work so they won't experience inconvenience when they park their car.  Even most establishments such as hospital, restaurant, department store and more provide their customer or client a free space to park their car.  Well, your car is pretty much safe when you park legally in a establishment that you do business with, but not everything is provided.  Since it's a public area nobody is really be there watching you or your car besides the video camera installed everywhere.  Scott Jones, Ace Parking is different because they care and see the people instead of cars only.  They take responsibility in all their costumer that park at Ace Parking property.  

Scott Jones, Ace Parking is Going Green by implementing and enhance solar charging stations and electric vehicle the Electric Vehicles (EV's) charging stations around their parking lots.  I think it's their way of serving their people better and providing the safest parking space to all.  The most important thing is they are also helping to sustain our planet with the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at many of Ace Parking locations. These units are safe and easy-to-use, and are just one part of their commitment to green technologies.  Some of us have ways to help protect nature such as tree planting, recycling, using solar energy at home and more.  Well, you can also extend your help by donating or volunteer to any of the companies that Ace Parking works with, see the list here  Learn more about Ace parking by checking out their website. 

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