Car Sunshade Windshield Review #windshieldcover

Wednesday afternoon, me and the kids arrived home wondering why daddy is in the middle of the street on a very hot day. He was busy talking to this old man and a son and keep looking at the broken front end of the car which it turned out it was our Honda car. Very recently he had a car accident because a kid who was driving the truck did not see my husband’s car in the back when he was backing up their vehicle and hit my husband’s front end so badly. This is why insurance is important, thus a must for every vehicle owner. So, husband’s Honda car is at the shop now however, I still able to use Front Car Sunshade Windshield which coincidentally had delivered that very same day. The car that is in the shop now was new which we bought a couple of year ago and I would want to use this car sun shade on it. #windshieldcover

Enough with the broken car, let the insurance takes care of it and anyway we will get that back next week. Meanwhile, summer is over and fall just got in but fall weather has not kicking in yet, and today the heat was a tad excruciating but staying inside the car wasn’t that bad. I used our Hippo Shade – Car Sunshade Windshield while the car was parked outside. Husband got home early and he paid a parking pass at his work so, basically the car is not exposed in the heat of the sun when he is at work. This high quality car sunshades will keep the vehicle cool and damage from UV rays. The foam interior car front window sunshade is a great helper for driver in summer and can effectively block sunlight, reduce the temperature inside of vehicle. Car Sunshade Windshield size measurement is 54.3″x 27.5″ inches long and will fit all SUV’s, Trucks, Vans, and Cars with windshields not exceeding the specified size.

Premium double bubble, windshield sunshade silver black comes with two suction cup that are easily attached to the car’s window with out causing harm or scratches. Features a built-On storage strap and folds for quick and easy storage. The Double Bubble silver coated that act like a radiant barrier system, which protects your vehicle from 99% of UV damage. Hippo’s sun shade is higher quality than most sunshades on the market and with this sunshade guarantee to make you feeling refreshed with a cooler vehicle, and keeping a pristine interior. This is very easy and convenient to use. It won’t even take so much space in your car if you fold it.
and reflects sun 95%. This helps with reducing some heat, and keeps your interior looking new

You use your car every day for work and even when you travel. Don’t jeopardize your car interior and your health as well. Keep the cool and fresh air inside your car by putting a windshield cover when you park it out in the open with full exposure to the sunlight. Not only this Car Sun shade protects from direct exposure from the sun, it also protect your car from dirt and bird poop. Less dirt, less cleaning. Drive comfortably and responsibly with care for your car as well. Please Note: If sucker off after prolonged absorption, coat it with plain water to reinforce adsorption. So, go ahead click on the link provided above which will lead you to to buy your own Car Sunshade Windshield today!


AYL TC80 4-In-1 CREE LED Flashlight #AYLLEDFlashlight

Tactical Emergency Nightlight – Telescoping Aluminum Body, Magnetized Base – Water Resistant Handheld Spotlight For Work, Auto, Camping, Garage – Battery Powered

What do you think of this flashlight? There are many ways we can think of as to why flashlight is important and why we need to have a spare of on-the go flashlight.

Camping is kind of our thing, but this summer we skip it because of baseball. The kids been asking when to go camping again and I am hoping we could make a plan this fall or spring. Playing with the flashlight and making shadow is one of the best part in any family camping. So, I am so happy when I received this handy and compact AYL TC80 4-In-1 CREE LED Flashlight. If your family enjoy camping and ourdoor activity then, you should have one of this. You can purchase it in Watch the video below or in youtube to see how cool and sleek this flashlight. We look forward for our next family camping and make the best use out of this AYL TC80 4-In-1 CREE LED Flashlight.

AYL TC80 4-In-1 LED Flashlight CREE has very cool and sleek features;

~ 180 degree extendable/retractable body for precision lighting coverage.
~ High-performing, CREE XP-E R3 LED on its front, as well as 3W COB LED, 15 RED Blinking LED lights across its body.
~ powerful magnetic base lets you attach your pocket flashlight to any metal surface giving you full vision in tight spots.
~ A bright red blinking light for emergencies.

Small but sturdy and durable flashlight.  The size is just so perfect to carry around everywhere, easily use when it’s needed and provide the best lighting you could imagine, powerful illumination, spanning over 300+ feet from its front LED. It’s a pocket flashlight, compact and lightweight.  Comes with manual the four AAA size batteries that I use in this cute flashlight not included.

A powerful magnetic base lets you attach your pocket flashlight to any metal surface giving you full vision in tight spots.  The metal base comes in particularly handy when you are working in your workshop, garage or craft room, allowing you to maintain your full range of motion and perform all important tasks, such as restorations, renovations and handiwork, with unprecedented ease.

This high power LED flashlight is made with solid, aircraft-grade anodized aluminum that’s both water and shock resistant and features a smooth, sleek alloy finish. FREE of any cheap coating or plastic parts, our flashlight is made to last and facilitates all-weather use. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, caught up in a flood or torrential rain, armed with the AYL TC80 flashlight, you’ll never feel lost or hopeless.

With this flashlight, you don’t have to be scared in the dark anymore. Just make sure you have available extra AAA batteries in case of blackout that last longer. This is the flashlight that you can trust and rely on when emergency arise. Weather Safe, Water Resistant, Shock Resistant
Powered with AAA Batteries (Not Included) Limited Life Time Guarantee

Disclosure: I received this product free/discounted in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


INNX Quilted Microfiber/Suede sofa protector review #innxproducts

Do you have children? Do you own a pets? How do you simplify your life? How often do you clean your house? The question will just continue and in my opinion, there is no definite answers to all these questions. Well, if you live alone, perhaps you got everything under control. However, if you have children and pets then it is a different story. I may not have pet as of this moment but having two energetic children is for me equivalent to 10 pets. Yes, they may look so cute and adorable like a sweet puppy, but they can make a mess like a monster. Oh I would love to see to have a nicely looking couch all day like the picture above. When I put and fix the cover last night it looks good but then in the morning when they get from bed for school, it got wrinkled and usually the couch covers get mess up and slipping off. However, with this new sofa cover that i just received from INNX, it stays in place.

As I’ve said, I received a heavily discounted INNX Quilted Microfiber/Suede fabric pets sofa protector and kids Sofa covers, Anti Slip design Slipcovers, and I’m telling you it was wonderful and fit perfectly on my couch. The color is Tan that matches my couch and sofa cover Size is 69″ Length x 74″ Width. Upon reading this post, you might want to consider having one of this INNX sofa/couch protector that provides full coverage of furnitures, back and armrest and which is suitable for 95% sofa/couch in the market. It is like dressing up your own couch/sofa and at the same time, protects it from dust, dirt, stain, hairs, claw, marks, pet’s fur, pee, lent and other stuff that you don’t want to be in your sofa or couch. We sit there everyday while watching TV and I for one don’t likes touching or sitting on a crumbs of chips, dirt and hairs sticking to our skin and etc,. Another reason would be is keeping our couch clean and trying to preserve its brand new look as much as we can because it is expensive to buy a couch. So, INNX Quilted Microfiber/Suede sofa protector is a good solution to all that sort of problems. INNX offers smart and practical innovation for your invest.

If INNX Quilted Microfiber/Suede sofa protector ideal for family with kids, well it’s the best choice of family with pets or general for every person with pets. It simplify all the cleaning and organization in your living area. INNX Quilted Microfiber/Suede sofa protector cover has advanced straps and flap anti slip designs to keep your dog sofa covers stay in place. The straps is a bonus accessories to keep stay that for most of textile material fabric sofa/couch. It is suede, thus comfortable 3 layer quilted construction offers extra soft and comfort seating experience. I had a sofa cover that I intentionally bought online regardless of the price. We just bought the sofa couple of years ago and at that time, i feel the need to keeping it clean so i thought of a cover. We all carry dirt everyday not just the children and pets but even me and my husband as well as the visitors and not to forget the air also has pollution and dust. Another cool feature of this INNX Quilted Microfiber/Suede sofa protector is, it doesn’t slip easily because it has 5 rolls, two in each side of the arm rest and three in the front for back rest that you can slip and insert underneath to hold the cover and keeping it from slipping. Although, when we sit on the couch, the cover also will automatically move and stretch down but it won’t slide off the furniture, same thing with flap because the strap will hold it from slipping. Compared to my other sofa cover, the moment we sat down on our couch, the flap in the back and arm rest get messed up and slipping off of the couch. I keep fixing it all the time, otherwise my family will just sit on uncover couch with their filthy feet on it. Go to Amazon now by clicking on the links below.

Product Description

Our furniture cover protects your chair,loveseat,couch,sofa with extra adjustable straps and tabs,which can keep the covers stay in place,even through you have a huge pet like King Shepherd
Ideal for Families with Kids and Pets,no mess for the pets hair,claw,spills,pees etc,what is more it is machine washable
Waterproof microfiber/suede fabric with 3 layer construction keeps your furniture always fresh and tidy
We suggest to remove the seat cover immediately once spills in some accident

Things to keep in mind before buying, please check your furniture size before you place the orders your microfiber sofa covers. Pets sofa covers is NOT DESIGNED FOR LEATHER MATERIAL SOFA OR COUCH.

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Milkuu Women’s Club Strappy Gold Leather Costume Jumpsuit review

Dressing up is not just for kids, adults are allowed to play dress up too. Take for instance, when we go to a party or social gathering, don’t we required to dress up nice and fancy to fit on the occasion. Meanwhile, Halloween is less than a couple of months away and if you are into the spirit of dressing up to fit on the theme, try this Milkuu Women’s Club Strappy Gold Leather Costume Jumpsuit. The outfit look sexy and charming. It has its own fashionable style, flexibilily, and unique design. The color is gold, made with polyester blend materials and look shinny and satin feel on the inside. In needs careful handling when putting it on. In the front has cool cross string style, elastic bottom pants, hidden zipper design and cinch elastic waist to show your body shape. Stretch jumpsuit with metallic gold has a very rich look, comfortable and feel to it. This fancy, shiny Milkuu Women’s Club Strappy Gold Jumpsuit is suitable for holiday,school dress up day,shopping,Halloween party,friends night out,and even pole dancing.

Before you decide to purchase this jumpsuit, careful look for the sizes, S / M:Bust 34.6 Waist 28.3 Hip 35.8 and L / XL:Bust 37.8 Waist 31.5 Hip 39. I’m wearing size small/medium (see image) and I have to say it just fit exactly as it should. Copy the link and paste it on you browser to Buy it on by #Hermore.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free or heavily discounted in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.


Shop for the Brand You know

Shopping can be overwhelming especially if you are looking for important things in a low budget. Technology is rising and online shopping is evolving, he competition as well are increasing. In that case when we shop we always trust the brand we grew up to know. Take for example in guitar brand, you know that fender has been around for a very long time and most musician and guitarist trusted the brand. So, if you are into music business and you need fender vibrolux, well you know where to buy it. The year of 1968 was a transitional one for Fender amps, the Vibrolux Reverb received a fresh new face, featured a unique 2×10″ speaker configuration as it remained the compact, gig-ready amp of choice for pros and amateurs everywhere. More information and details online, feel free to check it out!


KDrama In Hulu, Netflix & Amazon

Watching korean drama has been part of my lifestyle. I think I trade my workout with korean drama haha. It’s been my stress reliever and pastime to fight depression. Anyway, I started watching korean drama last 2012 when my sister let me watch it thru Netflix. Then 2013, I signed up on Netflix to watch not only korean drama but other TV series that I used to watch in the past like One Tree Hill, Dawson’s Creek, Felicity and more. Netflix a cool and easy way of viewing video or your favorite TV series and movies for as low as $7.99. Besides Netflix I can also watch Korean drama via Drama Fever, Viki, and Good Drama. You see how I addicted I am with kdrama. I love Netflix but just recently I have decided to unsubscribe for a while as it’s getting expensive, so I tried Hulu and signed up for free trial. I actually look online and did some comparison between this three video streaming services. Hulu had more list of korean drama so I went and signed up for free trial. But when I started watching it I noticed that their videos were came from Drama Fever and Viki and the ads is kind of irritating. I finished my free trial and unsubscribe. In fairness though, the kdrama tv series and movie collection on Viki are more than Netflix.

Now I decided to rather pay the $4.49 in Viki to watch krama without ads and continue watching some on drama fever and pay the $0.99. I am planning on getting my Netflix back when i get a job so i can pay for the monthly subscription. So, there’s more changes just happened, I decided to get the Amazon Prime to enjoy free shipping orders n Amazon. With Amazon Prime, I get to watch Amazon prime video, prime music, and even prime photo. The prime video is already a bonus for me and sounds like a great package package deal. Amazon Prime video have the list tv series shows that i like which netflix and hulu don’t have. Amazon video only have korean movie but don’t have korean drama tv series collection. I have Drama Fever and Viki already so im happy with it.


Music as Stepping Stone

If your are in a situations of getting confuse of what you want or struggling to achieved your goal always remember this famous Chinese proverb by Lao Tzu “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” In our life we always need inspiration words to motivate us to keep going. Although, the entertainment world is just one of the many facets that contributed to our culture it is still considered important. My point is lots of celebrity these days had started their career as a musician or someone that has interest in music.

Talent is undeniably the most important factor in the success of a musician’s career. It is inherent in a person, something that cannot be copied by others. But mind you, choosing a good musical instrument also plays a huge role in the success of a musician. If you have children that love music so much, encourage them and be supportive. This could be the beginning of their beautiful future. If you also want to know where you can buy instruments then click here to go to When it comes to choosing a good brand, it’s best to take it from these famous stars. Quality is not something that could be compromised.


MyCokeRewards | Bistro Box Cooler

It’s great to be back and able to redeemed my pending points at My Coke Rewards. This I get to redeemed my points with this Rio 2016 Olympic Games Bistro Box Cooler for 680 pts plus free shipping. Well, if you drink coke then enjoy not just the refreshing taste but the cool rewards the come with it. Sign up to MCR and start collecting points.

Keep your Coca-Cola® ice-cold wherever your summer takes you.
Celebrate Team USA with this Rio 2016 Olympic Games Bistro box cooler, and keep your Coca-Cola® beverages and snacks cool for all your summer outdoor adventures.